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PerfectRite RIC/RITE Cleaning System

“Forget earwax inconvenience, dirty Domes and plugged Receivers.”
Main function of the PerfectRite®
The first and only RIC cleaning solution to eliminate earwax! PerfectRite® has been designed so that you can easily take care of your own Hearing System. Simply place your Hearing System in the PerfectRite®. After 50 minutes or in the morning after sleeping, the Hearing System will be cleaned, disinfected and dried. This will enable you to receive the best possible benefit from your Hearing System’s performance every day.
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SafeTouch™ Desiccant Refill
: $6.50
SafeTouch™ Desiccant Refill
This desiccant refill is specifically designed to fit in the The SafeTouch™ Dry Kit. Using Drying Capsules on daily basis is a cost effective routine to protect your expensive Hearing Devices.