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C.I.C. Oto-Blocks

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: $6.65

Super soft CIC Oto-Blocks are pre-threaded for easy, safe use and removal. The shorter CIC Oto-Blocks are specifically designed to help protect the delicate inner canal wall and eardrum during the CIC impression procedure.

Available in 3 sizes, 50 per package.

  • CIC Small (7mm x 6mm high)
  • CIC Medium (9mm x 6mm high)
  • CIC Large (11mm x 6mm high)

Foam Stops should only be used by a trained medical professional, audiologist or hearing aid dispenser.
Foam Stops must be compressed to fit and properly block the ear canal. DO NOT use a size that is the same diameter as or smaller than the ear canal. The user of Foam Stops is also cautioned against the use of this product in taking an ear impression of a patient with a perforated or missing eardrum or other abnormality of the outer or middle ear.

Microsonic assumes no liability for any misuse of this product.

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