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Gator Clips for BTE Hearing Aids

: $6.00
: From $5.55 to $7.55

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Lightweight and nearly invisible, GatorClips help reduce BTE hearing aid loss due to undetected slipping from the ear. Attach loop at one end to hearing aid and the alligator clip at the other end to clothing. Available in single or bilateral styles.

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Gator Clips 2 for ITE & CIC Hearing Aids
: From $6.65 to $6.90
Gator Clips 2 for ITE & CIC Hearing Aids
Lightweight and nearly invisible GatorClips II reduce ITE or CIC hearing aid loss due to slipping from the ear canal undetected. Available in single or bilateral.
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Microsonic Ear Band-Its
: $12.35
: $10.25
You Save: $2.10 (17 %)
Microsonic Ear Band-Its
Swimmer’s reversible neoprene headband with velcro-like closure in back to adjust for size. To be effective, it must be worn with earplugs or swim molds.
Swim Plug Lanyards
: $1.75
Swim Plug Lanyards
Attaches to pre-drilled custom plugs to protect against loss or separation. Available in ten bright colors.