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DEAFMETAL® Hearing Aid Jewelry

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: From $11.00 to $42.00


DEAFMETAL® is an award-winning jewelry innovation for hearing aids which transforms hearing devices into personalized jewelry.

All you need to do is choose the Deafmetal Jewelry for your style and a Deafmetal Holster, which is a jewelry holder to be adjusted around your hearing aid.

Personalizing designs significantly improve the self-image and self-confidence of hearing aid users. Hearing aid stigma is one of the major problems that Deafmetal® Jewelry solves. Deafmetal changes the lifestyle of hard of hearing people by offering designs that allow hearing aids to augment an individual’s personal style.

  • Deafmetal designs hearing aid jewelry for women, men, and children.
  • All Deafmetal jewelry is sold as a single piece, not in pairs, because there are many people who only use one hearing aid.
  • Deafmetal Holster sold separately.
  • Deafmetal Safety Rings - Safety Rings Attach To The Earlobe - No Piercing Required!